School Supplies Donation
            To Argo's Learning Center
                  Philadelphia, PA



          "Philanthropic Efferts" 
 Bright Hope Baptist Church
          "Toys For Tots"
     Starting: Sunday, November 25, 2012
       1601 N 12th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19122
            Gathered Creamz, Inc.
             Back To School Event
Friday, August 24, 2012, Philadelphia PA 19123
   Girls Favorite Things Will Be Sponsoring Two Young Ladies To Attend This Positive and Much Needed Confrence!!
   Arts Craft, and Activities By Yolanda C. Greene
  This is my new venture.  In doing this I go around to diffeent Seniors Living Centers and offer activities that will stimulate their minds, make them happy, and keep them active.  There is never a cost to the resident!  Hopefully I will be starting my first set of classes in November at Gray Manor located in Philadelphia, PA
      To Whom Much Is Given Much Is Required!
   Ladies and Gent who are supporters of G.F.T.  we would like to inform  
   you of the great things that we also do through out the year.
   We are firm belivers that you should never forget where you come from
   help the people in your old neighborhood because that could have been 
   you, and you did not get where you are by yourself!!
         HNS Learning Center - Summer Camp
G.F.T. will be donating school supplies to all of the children attending the 
summer camp at HNS this year.
There closing exercises is Friday, August 13, 2010 from 6pm until 8pm
If anyone would like to donate school supplies please contact me directly
so that all of these items will be available to the children at there closing exercises.
  Bright Hope Baptist Church - Summer Camp
 G.F.T.  will be also donating back to school items to all of the children attending the summer camp at Bright Hope Baptist Church this year.
There closing exercise is going to be on Thursday, August 19, 2010.
If you would like to donate school supplies please contact me directly so that these items can be avaiable to the children at theer closing exercises so that they can start their school year off of a prepared note!
   Dear Santa Letters -Have been a supporter for over 7 years
  Each year myself along with my family support the children in the Philadelphia area.  The United States Postal Service collects all the letters that children write to santa each year and they place them in seperate files according to how many children are in the families.  In return anyone can go to the post office and choose which letters they would like to fulfill. I started this back in 2006.  In 2008 I was featured in an article in The Philadelphia Inquirer about the Dear Santa Letters.  Year to date we have helped over 1000 children and their family members at Christmas and through out the year.
   Toys For Tots Have been a supporter for over 18 years
Have been a supporter for over 18 years now.  Any one that watches the news knows about Toys For Tots.  These toys are distributed to children all over the US at the holiday season that are in hopsitals, shelters, and in neighborhoods that have econimic hardships.
  Please support any of these organizations!
 Thank You!
  Yolanda C. Greene
  Owner & CEO - Girls Favorite Things